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Angolero – Angle measuring tool

You`ll never make mistake in cutting angles on skirtings! This specialized measuring tool locks in the actual angle and your cuts will be perfect.

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Helps you finish the work three times faster

Increase efficiency at work, and use it for pipe installation, home improvement and carpentry work. It will take you seconds to measure the angles and transfer them directly onto the material

Carry out repairs on your own easily

You will easily measure angles without any assistance. There is no need to use additional tools or measuring tapes to double check the measures.

Does not require experience

Even the complete beginners can use the tool without any effort! Clever design with the integrated cutting guide makes it simple for anyone to measure angles and cut the material.

Labour-saving solution when doing large projects

Just align the tool with the angle to be measured and lock the angle with the lock. The precise angle is set even without reading the scale, just place the material in the tool and start cutting.

Wide range of uses

It is perfect for floor molding, casing, baseboard, and trims! It allows you to make any space look polished and it will find it useful in carpentry, pipeline installation and home repairs.

Product photo in 360 °

Ideal for hard to reach angles and spaces

The tool has 2 moving arms for measuring angles from 85 to 180°. With it, you will easily measure inside corners and outside corners in any space.

A single tool for all your precise measuring and cutting

Replace numerous other tools with this practical gauge that measures the angle and helps you in precise cutting at the same time. The integrated guide for the saw will make every cut super precise.

Reduces measuring errors

Thanks to the practical locking mechanism there will be no errors in measuring and cutting you do. Say goodbye to crookedly cut wood or other materials.

Instant measuring without numbers

The lock system and movable parts makes it convenient to measure any angles, without any scales or markings. Simply find the angle, lock it, and insert the piece you need to cut and start cutting.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

This tool will help you to cut straight! The cutting is effortless and the angles are always good.

Daniel - Edinburgh

It is a great product, easy to assemble and use, does the job well.

Matthew - Birmingham

This is a highly recommended tool. So helpful and convenient. It really makes the difference in any handiwork.

James - Kirklees

Excellent quality and very practical to use! Wholehearted recommendation for this store.

Alex - Cardiff

Angolero – Angle measuring tool

You`ll never make mistake in cutting angles on skirtings! This specialized measuring tool locks in the actual angle and your cuts will be perfect 📐 👷‍♂

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An angle measuring tool


ABS plastic + stainless steel


30.8 x 8.4 x 6.4 cm


1x angle measuring tool

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