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Heaton – Pleasant hand and body warmer

A multipurpose hot water warmer that comes with a plush waist cover helps to warm the hands, shoulders, neck, back, and legs. Materials: flannel + rubber + PVC

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Bravely face even the coldest winter

This warmer is designed to retain the heat and keep you warm for hours. It helps you to relax and rest after an active day or a workout.

Say goodbye to cold hands and feet

A practical and economical solution that does not consume electricity to heat any part of your body. Especially helpful after a long stay outside in the colder periods of the year.

Warm up quickly and easily when traveling

Even though it is winter outside, you will have the feeling that there is eternal spring in your body. Ideal for use in closed spaces with poor heating where the cold lurks.

Quick help to alleviate the discomfort

It helps to eliminate discomfort, tension and fatigue from the whole body, especially after strenuous activities. It is also a useful and handy helper for the gentler half while those days of the month last.

Save on bills and firewood

No more excessive consumption of firewood, standing next to the radiator or high consumption of heating. This more affordable solution will warm you up using only a small amount of hot water.

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Warm up quickly and effortlessly

Simply fill the bottle with hot water, insert it inside the plush cover and put it on the body part to would like to heat.

Versatile and effective in every situation

Use this hot water bottle at your home or in your office. It will heat your bed before sleep and serve as excellent back support while sitting.

Hot and cold use

Filled with hot water it is used to achieve a comfortable body temperature when you are sensitive to the cold. Filled with cold water, it can be a quick aid to reduce the physical discomfort.

Soft pocket for complete comfort

Charming and intelligent designed hand and body warmer has a snuggled up space for efficient hand warming. You will love to use it while you are lying down and watching your favourite series.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

The product is perfect! Apart from the fact that it is very useful, it looks very interesting!

Holly - Birmingham

I use it to warm my legs while sitting and working on my laptop at home.

Matthew - Edinburgh

The rubber bottle is solid and of good thickness. The product exceeded my expectations!

Megan - Bradford

A warm, cozy and blissful feeling during my period.

Hannah - Sheffield

Heaton – Pleasant hand and body warmer

A multipurpose hot water warmer that comes with a plush waist cover helps to warm the hands, shoulders, neck, back, and legs. Material: flannel + rubber + PVC

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A hand and body warmer


Flannel + rubber + PVC


120 cm x 19 cm


1 liter

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