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Toywood – Interesting puzzle toy

Enjoy more fun with your family with the innovative puzzle toy! The puzzle set with different pieces in bright colors and geometrical shapes will keep kids occupied for hours. Material: Wood

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A new fun dimension of learning

Colorful shapes which can be easily assembled into different letters and numbers with the help of cards are a fun way to learn. Kids will also be encouraged to develop logical thinking.

Great preparation for kindergarten and school

Kids who master early shapes, letter and numbers are off to a good start in the kindergarten and school. They are prepared for other stages of learning and adjust easily.

Hands on and quicker learning

It is already been proved that everyone, especially kids learn faster through practical activities. With this principle kids will learn faster and improve all their skills.

Enjoyable for both kids and adults

Adults will enjoy spending time with their little ones and monitoring their fast progress thanks to this interesting puzzle toy. This will be time pleasantly spent for kids and their parents in a fun activity.

Safe to use

All the parts are well-made with care, out of good wood. The edges are well rounded without splinters, so there is no risk of accidents.

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Encourages imagination and creativity in kids

Kids can construct their favorite toys, animals and anything they can imagine with the puzzle`s parts. The toy allows the kids to express their creativity and stimulates their imagination.

Endless possibilities and zero boredom

Your solution for children`s boredom – the possibilities for play with this puzzle are endless. Besides using the cards which provide activities you and your little ones can invent your own games.

Promotes motor skills and space awareness development

By observing the cards and trying to make forms on the wooden base the kids will greatly improve their special awareness as well as motor skills. The pieces are adjusted to their tiny hands.

Stimulates interactions and socialization

Through questions and communication about the shapes, letters and numbers, kids will become more open. This will help them feel surer and relaxed in their interactions with their peers and others.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

The toy is exactly as advertised, the shop is highly recommended. It came quickly. Thanks!

Rebecca - Sheffield

It keeps my 3-year old entertained for many hours! A great game to learn letters and numbers or just to use your imagination to create new shapes out of variously shaped parts.

Megan - Bristol

Good fun for kids!

Chloe - Cardiff

This is another great toy for teaching letters and numbers to kids, especially if they prefer practical knowledge. The bright colours make it interesting.

Hannah - Edinburgh

Toywood – Interesting puzzle toy

Enjoy more fun with your family with the innovative puzzle toy! The puzzle set with different pieces in bright colors and geometrical shapes will keep kids occupied for hours 🔺 🔶 Material: Wood

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An interesting puzzle toy.




26x parts, 1x wooden base, 25x cards

Wooden board dimensions:

17 x 17 cm

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