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Warmypuff – Electric feet warmer

Enjoy in soothing feeling for your feet from an innovative foot warmer! It will help you to relax and provide cozy warmth for your cold feet. Materials: Soft fleece, EVA

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A pleasant feeling during favourite activities

Enjoy in front of the TV on cold winter days! The electric foot heater is specially designed for feet sensitive to cold and for giving you pleasant warmth.

Relieves fatigue after standing for hours

If your feet are looking for a home after an exhausting and cold day, a puffy warmer can bring them immense relaxation and well-being at all times.

A blissful feeling of warmth in the body

The cold comes from the feet, but not anymore! This is the first and only choice for achieving a comfortable body temperature without wrapping in layers and layers of blankets.

A caring companion even on trips

Comfortable and compact feet warmer for better feet care when you are away from home. Surprise bad conditions and colds, and show that you are up to them at any time.

Save on bills and firewood

This more affordable solution will keep you warm by combining velvety fabric with built-in extra warmth. All this without increasing the heating bill or excessive consumption of firewood.

Product photo in 360 °

Quick relaxation

With a 5V voltage USB cable, you can use this foot heater anywhere you need it, by simply plugging it in a power source. Pamper your tired feet after long hours of walking, standing, or after work.

A combination of pleasant and useful

Spa treatment for your feet in the comfort of your home! Now it is easy to relax and enjoy the revolutionary foot warmer on cold days.

Multipurpose - help in every situation

You can use it while doing other activities. It will provide comfort and warmth to your feet while lying down, relaxing on a chair, watching TV, reading a book, working in the office!

Easy to clean

Designed with a detachable non-slip base, the happy and warm feet warmer is easy to clean and maintain!

Impressions of satisfied customers!

This product is love! It keeps the feet so warm.

Sophie - Bradford

It arrived seven days ago and we cannot imagine live without it! Fast delivery, thank you

Hannah - Nottingham

My daughter loves the heat this gives off and also the massage effect!

Megan - Liverpool

A great choice for warming the feet in the office when it is cold.

Emily - Manchester

Warmypuff – Electric feet warmer

Enjoy in soothing feeling for your feet from an innovative foot warmer! It will help you to relax and provide cozy warmth for your cold feet. Material: Soft fleece, EVA

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 An electric feet warmer


Soft fleece, EVA (bottom material)


32 x 28 x 12 cm

Heating range:

50 - 60 °C

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